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Luke Plunkett's saved articles

Luke Plunkett
Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs cosplay.kotaku.com.

You know what’s more akin to a landed gentry? Corporate CEOs. The Reddit employees didn’t vote you, ya dickwad (insert Monty python reference).
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Owls have very small brains. Their eyes take most of their skull’s space. All in all, they’re not really smart, even for a bird. Read more

A diversity of takes is always good, but I’m not sure about the reviewer’s specific reason for scoring the game so harshly; in this case, it’s fair to say it boils down to it not being similar enough to much older entries. Read more

Sakamoto was both inspired by early arcade music, and in turn inspired much of the videogame music that came later.
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Man, that’s what I’ve been sayin’. Read more

As someone who worked on it... I’m happy you finally gave it a real chance and got some enjoyment out of it. :) Read more

Alright but you can’t include the picture but leave out the phrase “holy fucking bingle” which is now going to be in my vocabulary

It’s pretty damn obvious tech companies are trying to make artistic/creative labor in general obsolete through the increasing popularity of AI tools(obviously pushed by them). AI tools may be flawed right now, but people are overlooking the true intent here.
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Jesus christ, this is the easiest thing in the world to not fuck up and it feels like every company is hell-bent on making the worst possible decisions in any given moment. Read more

Every time I look at that hand I see something new that’s somehow more horrifying than the last.   Read more

What the techno-utopians who comment on articles like this fail to realize is that they’re considering AI art generators as a neutral tool that has somehow materialized out of thin air. Considered in isolation, it is a promising instrument - but the reality is that such technology is developed and wielded by Read more

an artist isn’t the style or product they output, its the creativity they bring to the table. AI generated art literally cannot replace that. Read more

Good for her, happy she is in a better place in her life. Read more

This is good news. To the folks getting defensive about this, there’s some context you’re missing:
Some folks at Anime Expo Chibi were mass-generating low effort “waifus and selling prints of them. The rule being enacted by Anime Los Angeles is gonna be combatting stuff like this. Of course AI art is sometimes Read more

This story is missing the really cool context: this episode all began with one Deviantart image by a Simpsons fan.

It’s a fun series worth it just for all the other tangents they find, more so than the actual confirmation of who made the game and why (both of which are rather heartwarming). Read more